Group travel is usually traveling with a group of friends and family that you have organized yourself or a group arranged by an outside company. It does pose some challenges regarding privacy and flexibility, but for many, it provides an optimal way to travel to destinations across the world.

Group travel arrangements are usually available through a local travel agency; they will connect you with a group traveling to your preferred destination. Group travel will help you open up your minds to new things, and you get to experience life in exciting and different ways.


For those traveling solo, there are no discounts, rooms, tours, taxis, and shuttle, are all expensive. But group travel can cut down on travel expenses, activities such as guided tours, concerts, museums and other performances offer discounts to groups. Airlines and cruises also have group rates that can be significantly less than the published prices for individuals.


When in a group, it offers you the opportunity to create new friendships with those who share a similar interest in travel like you do. It also helps pass time either by playing games while waiting for traveling or tell each other tales from previous trips. Make sure you choose a like-minded group that caters to your interests when planning to travel.


Traveling solo has it risks as criminals are looking out for those on their own and more vulnerable. But traveling with a group minimizes these risks and makes for a much safer experience overall. Above all, if you get hurt or feel sick, there are people around to help you out.


Individual travel can sometimes be a challenge if their destination is off the beaten track particularly if they having to learn different currencies, transportation, languages, and ways of doing things.

But with group travel, much of this is simplified, either because you have a group leader who is familiar with local customs or since there are many of you, it makes it faster by working together and figure things out. Traveling with an established group can cut down on the planning you have to do beforehand, as most tour groups have at least an informal program already in place.


If you plan on traveling with friends, make sure to choose your partners wisely. In group travel, you will spend a good number of days around a group of people, so it’s essential that you select people who have the same traveling style and enjoy the same things as you.

It’s necessary to keep an open mind about the kind of people that will be joining you when planning group travel. While some people might not fit with your lifestyle, remember there is a good chance you will be meeting new friends for life.

There are lots of organization, travel clubs that share a common interest and plan trips around the world. Give the group travel a try and experience the world like never before.