Adventure travel has frequently sought after over the past few years, but as the economy has declined, the generally expensive adventure travel packages have become less appealing. Traveling great distances by bicycle can be one of the greatest adventures and challenges a cyclist can experience in a lifetime of riding.

There are three main types of bike touring around, from those organized entirely and supported by a bicycle touring company down to those fully self-contained and sponsored by the tourer. Interestingly, the cheapest option also provides the most freedom and adventure.

There are some various sub-types and alternative names for bicycle touring brief overview of the different types of bicycle tours available to you like a guided bicycle tourist.

Credit Card Touring

With this kind of trip, you travel by bike and carrying almost nothing but the clothes on your back, plus cash to purchase things along the way. You pay to sleep in a hotel rather than pack a tent and sleeping bag. When it comes to cooking, you buy your food along the way, too. In credit card tours, they are usually less than a week in length and not supported by a touring company.

Supported Touring

A supported bicycle tour is any bike tour where you receive assistance from either a tour company, a tour guide or even private individual to carrying your gear and navigating along your route. By enrolling to attend a this type of bike tour and allowing guidance from a well known and qualified touring company, you are signing up to participate in a supported tour.

But if you decide to take part in an individual bicycle tour, you may or may not be taking part in a sponsored bike tour depending whether or not the touring firm you’ve hired will be transporting you and your luggage from one destination to the next.

Bike packing

Bike packing refers to a means of bicycle travel in which you cycle on rough terrains and pack less food and clothing. Because of the rocky terrain involved, packing off-road friendly touring bicycles or packing mountain bikes are usually advised. Bike packing is typically a self-supported effort.

Traditional Bicycle Touring

This type of bicycle tour touring is mostly self-supported bike tourists will participate in when they first start. These individuals may ultimately transition into off-road touring or more challenging types of bicycle tours, but most self-supported travelers begin as traditional bicycle tourists.

To sum it up, whichever type of bicycle touring appeals to you, and there are variations and combinations involving each, the challenge and adventure are unparalleled. Planning, training, and resting are the keys to a successful bicycle tour.

Make yourself ready with regular riding, then rest as you plan and pack for your adventure. Also, eat healthy, high energy foods while on the road and get plenty of rest, allowing yourself at least one day in four off of your bike. Enjoy the adventure.