Snow is on the Way – Time to Plan a Snow Trip

When the snow starts to fall, instead of hiding indoors, there’s plenty of things to do in, on or under the snow. Visiting a snow resort at this time of the year is an excellent choice to get started on a winter fitness program. Playing in the snow and all that fun activity is a great way to keep a summer fitness program tuned in.

Select the resort

If you are taking a family snow trip, then most of the ski resort areas are very family orientated. They have fun and exciting bunny trails for the kids with all kinds of awesome and things for the kids to do so that the adults can hit the more experienced slopes.

Majority of the ski resorts have a low, slow-moving and a safe ski lift for the kids so that they can do it just like the adults. Planning ahead is great since many of the cheaper accommodations will be sold out during peak season. In some cases, you may need to book your accommodation months in advance.

Lift tickets

You’ll also need a lift ticket to get access to the ski hills. That is why planning in advance can be beneficial in getting the best deal. Many of these resorts have different arrangements for lift tickets depending on the duration of your stay. And in most cases, if you decide to stay for more than two weeks, it may be cheaper to buy a season lift pass instead of day tickets.


If your journey involves air travel, you need to think about luggage allowances and the complicated luggage weight systems of many airlines. Get the weight of your bags right to avoid unnecessary overweight fees at the airport. Nowadays, many airlines have separate special rules for ski or snowboard bags that you need to be aware of before you start planning your trip.

Proper papers

Whenever you are arriving from a foreign country, you should consider looking into any necessary visa requirements. For those who are visiting, you will require a visitor visa. Several countries have visa waiver arrangements so you may not even need to have a visa if your visit is only for a few months.

Finally, if you are very busy or may be overwhelmed and can’t decide on which resort to choose, then contact a travel agent and let them make all your arrangements for you, and feel like it is a real vacation. They make it simple and straightforward so all you need to do is just pack and go.

Last but not least, the length of your visit can change many factors in planning your snow trip. For example, if you are visiting for a day, it’s not too difficult to book a hotel and buy a 1-day lift ticket. Nevertheless, if you are visiting for a month or two or even a full season, you have to think about finding long-term accommodation before you visit the ski resort.